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How 3D Printing & IoT together disrupting the industry

Integrating the 3D Printing technology with Internet of Things is completely changing how smart products are developed   An introduction to IoT The Internet of Things is the concept to connect objects between themselves to share data. The shared information can come from human behavior or external factors. This is made possible by connecting our […]

Selecting the right material for 3D printing

Materials play a great role in 3D Printing, let us understand their suitable applications.   In the last ten years, the advancements in technology coupled with the corresponding developments of material have hugely impacted the way 3D printing is viewed and relied upon by engineers, designers and manufacturers during development and production. Each additive manufacturing […]


3D Printing process in not less than any art, yes and we have proved it here. 3D Printing is disrupting all the various industrial verticals across the globe, be it architectural, medical, automobile, automation and more. Similarly we took the challenge of developing a large-scaled architectural model to show the growth in farming sector across […]