The growth of 3D printing in West Bengal

3D printing as an indispensable tool for production

The 3D printing industry is one such industry which has changed the face of mass production of goods. 3D printing has not only given rise to several career options, different aspects of production but has also introduced men with various types of raw materials and cost effective ways of production. The 3D printing industry has deeply rooted itself with the production of goods, whether be aeronautical parts, dental machineries, prosthetics or anything else, you will notice significant usage of 3D printing in multiple industries. Although the usage of 3D printing has certainly become indispensable for production purposes, the involvement of it is quite restricted in the state of West Bengal.

Present scenario of 3D printing in various stages

West Bengal is quite a prosperous state with it’s GDP growth- 14.6% in the year 2020-2021, but the  growth of industrialization in Bengal is not as rapid and magnanimous as compared to the places like Tamil Nadu, Pune, Noida, Mumbai etc, but is on it’s way towards making itself more industrialized. The spread of 3D printing industries and companies is mostly in the places where there is dense industrialization and demand for mass production of goods. The major reason behind Bengal not having notable number of 3D printing industries is that it lacks certain important factors like modernized infrastructure, marine connectivity, industrial corridor etc. So the spread of 3D printing industries is directly proportional to that of the growth of industrialization over a place, so the reason becomes quite clear to us that why Bengal is still lying a little behind in comparison to other places in India in context of 3D printing industries.

How 3D printing can change the face of production in Bengal

Many industrialists and prominent business men claim that West Bengal, does have a bright future in the 3D printing industry and within the next few years it might take over the industry and all it’s wings. If not many 3D printing companies but Bengal does have certain well known, established and promising 3D printing companies to offer. 3D printing in Bengal is mostly done for dental industry and also for producing prosthetics. This industry also finds a lot of Space for startups and small businesses as it is one such industry which has modernized, material friendly and feasible ways of production so there are startups who are experimenting with 3D printing and are trying to accommodate it’s uses in various forms of production. One such startup is MELT which has turned the dream designs and customized ideas of the customers into reality and is surely one of the most trusted and professional 3D printing companies in Bengal.




Various challenges that comes on our ways

A heap of challenges comes on the way when it comes to building up 3D printing startups or companies. The most difficult one being is the lack of awareness and knowledge of people about this newly introduced industry. The population of Bengal is pretty dense and excluding the urban population, a large number of people are from rural areas and have very little knowledge of recent innovations and technology. There’s only two ways to overcome these issues and one of the ways is by educating and informing the marketers, common people and the youngsters more and more about the aspects of 3D printing and how it truly benefits production of goods. People do need to burst their bubbles and stop to think that 3D printing is merely some sort of printing services and there’s no job opportunities or industrial/market related benefits that one can get out of it. 3D printing has significantly worked as a tool for years and has guarded the trust of several sectors, be it defense, aeronautics, fashion, medicine etc. MELT as an organization/company believes in the benefits of 3D printing and caters to the needs of several people, brands or organizations, that have needs regarding mass production of goods and prototyping. MELT works with latest technologies, varied types of raw materials and cost effective ways of production.

Primary focus of MELT-

MELT understands and addresses the fact that 3D printing hasn’t yet become a mainstream line and people can have difficulties in understanding how it works and how things are formulated using 3D printing. MELT continuously supports it’s customers by erasing the gap between them and the aspects of 3D printing. MELT creates a beautiful linkage between the minds of the customers and not only provides them the goods of their dreams but also explains it to them how these are made. Small steps like this creates a big difference in the outer world and helps people connect themselves to newer technologies and innovation.


How is MELT dealing with the prevailing scenario in West Bengal?

Over the past few years MELT has not only gained the trust of customers and individuals but has also worked through it’s way towards collaborating with several big boarded companies. Through a continuous process of trials and teaching MELT polishes the inner skills and expertise of it’s employees, interns and workers. The process of training and educating the newer talents with the help of the existing talents is definitely one of the best ways to address and resolve the prevalent issues regarding 3D printing. In multiple aspects like, designing, research and development, prototyping etc. MELT has trained it’s employees and interns in the best way possible so that they come out as the most proficient individuals who can address the issues both collectively and individually.

In the span of the past two to three years MELT has worked upon factors like using newer manufacturing techniques and making everyone realize that how the newer techniques are more effective than the traditional methods of production. In comparison to traditional methods 3D printing requires quite less investment of both time and money but can significantly produce best quality products. MELT acknowledges the very fact that the 3D printing industry is on it’s way towards making itself a global tool in production, hence involving such a powerful and usable tool in the present day scenario is of utmost importance.

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