Making life’s smarter with the help of 3D printing and IoT

IOT is basically a newly formed technology which is entangled with our lives in multiple ways and the amalgamation of IoT with 3D printing can makes several parts of our lives may easier and simpler. The combination of additive manufacturing with IoT has so much potential that it can create dynamic technical products which would take human activities to some other level.

What is an IoT?

IoT works on the concept of working on shared data. In this process two devices are connected together and this connection can be formed using sensors, electronic parts, electronic gadgets, softwares etc. With the help of an IoT data can be shared between two objects/devices without any human involvement. The multi-dynamic working abilities of IoT has grabbed a lot of attention and it is believed that over the next few years it is going to be used for over 2.5 billion devices.

The combination of 3D printing and IoT

When two disruptive technologies ate combined together, the result is always something more useful and better. Combining 3D printing and IoT we yield something similar only, as when such powerful technologies are combined together the result is always revolutionary.





The right enclosures for IoT with the help of 3D printing

3D printing is definitely the best choice when it comes to providing enclosures to an electronic device as it helps in making enclosures which perfectly fits a device. On the other hand we know that these devices undergo multiple changes which later on hampers the structure and size of the enclosure, in such cases injection molding isn’t much useful as it cannot accommodate so many modifications but additive manufacturing has the ability to work upon those multiple modifications and create an enclosure which perfectly fits the device and we need not worry about the additional costs or expenses as 3S printing reduces both of them.

The other major advantage of using 3D printing in making such devices is that specific designs can be inserted into the printers and this reduces the production time drastically.

Building custom made products under the roof of IoT and 3D printing

As we know that with the help of IOT we collect some data from devices and this data can be utilized in various ways. Combining this data with 3D printing can help to create customized  goods with low manufacturing cost. For example if an IOT is linked between the feet of a person riding the bicycle and the bicycle itself, then using the data a customized bicycle can be made which would aid the cycling abilities of the person riding on it. Similarly a cricket bat can be made for a cricketer in such a way that it aids the batting skills of the batsman and help him yield the best results.

3D printing of IoT devices without electronics-

With the onset of the advanced 3D printing technology it is becoming possible to make electronic devices, circuits and other parts, using 3D printing in making electronic goods not only speeds up the manufacturing process but also considerably reduces the expense on the raw materials.

The usage of 3D printing eliminates the rigid issues that are faced while making 2-D circuit boards, making the 3D printed circuit boards enables flexibility in shape, size and structure. It is believed that after 20-30 years all the heavy and costly silicon circuit boards will be replaced by light weight plastic circuit boards made using 3D printing as the cost required in manufacturing the silicon circuit board with lithography begins from around 1.5 million dollars where as the 3D printed plastic circuit board costs around 500,000 dollars.

Some of the major advantages we can get by combining IoT with 3D printing

  • Micro manufacturing the smart sensors- wireless sensors already dominate IOT and the usage of the smart sensors that are made by combining data opted from IOT and designed and manufactured using 3D printing will dominate all smart home devices made in the future.
  • The prototyping of new devices- prototyping of goods not only reduces time and efforts and helps in mass production but also opens doors for experimentation.
  • Making smart devices- the smart devices- made using 3D printing will shape the lifestyle of the upcoming human race. Connecting the dots between 3D printing and IOT one can build devices which cater to multiple needs.

Conclusion– the 3D printing industry and IOT is set to dominate the whole world with the plethora of opportunities it brings with itself.

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