Find your dream career in the 3D Printing Industry

As the 3D printing industry is blossoming with each passing day. Several new and unbeaten career paths are being explored in this industry. 3D printing truly can change the way we look at production as it can transform any product in a more systematic way, hence in this industry there’s always need for employees or workers who are technically efficient and skillfully proficient. The following are certain career aspects in 3D printing:


  • 3D Designer- Designers have a very important role to play in this field as they are the ones who plan the entire format of the product and create designs based on the customer’s policies and requirements. 3D designers sometimes work as a member of the creative team in a 3D printing company or they also work as freelancers. In order to fit into this high paced job one must be aware about recent developments and technical information of 3D printing. These designers must be aware about how to use recent technologies and software of 3D printing.



  • Research and development (R&D)- Companies working on 3D printing need a strong research and development team because the field of 3D printing is undergoing several changes and is developing with each passing day. Companies always need the employees who can find the best way in which an order can be made in the quickest as well as in the most economical way, this purpose is always served by the research and development team.


  • Architecture/construction modeling- 3D planning is like a ray of hope for the construction industry as it brings to the forefront several new technologies that helps in creating models and aids prototyping thus rejecting 2D construction methodologies. 3D printers can produce direct models based on the designs and keeps no place for 2D CAD modeling on paper. As the use of 3D printing is becoming more prominent the old school usage of paper designs is being rejected in construction. Hence employees from this field are in great demand nowadays, also individuals aspiring to work in this field must possess knowledge in architecture and construction related aspects.


  • Biological and scientific modeling The role of 3D printing in the medical industry is incredible, from prosthetics to artificial tissues, a lot of unimaginable deeds have been done by 3D printing in the past few years. This industry is need of engineers, designers and modelers who have a background in biomedical field is in a scientific field as this would help them in making advanced models which would benefit the medical industry.


  • 3D computer-aided design (CAD) modeling- 3D printing isn’t possible without the expertise of CAD experts, as they are the only ones who possess the ability of changing the designs into digital blueprints and these blue prints are then utilized for the production of products. Other than designers there’s also need for CAD modelers. Experts are needed for several purposes Esperanza for creating customized designs and aid prototyping or mass production. CAD professionals shall possess certain skills such as a detailed knowledge about feature size, geometrical constraints and raw materials.


  • Lawyers and legal professionals- 3D printing is not just about the tech world indeed it needs people from other works of life as well. There’s always a need for legal professionals and lawyers in this profession in order to maintain the intellectual property (IP) rights. The 3D printing industry has a lot of involvement with the business world as customer goods and products are created using 3D printing which afterwards are sold in the market or supplied to industries. Hence there’s always a need for IP enforcement actions and other law suilts which monitors the working of this industry.


The 3D printing industry is a multi dynamic work sphere. There is a wide scope for professionals from many sectors and as the 3D printing industry is blooming day by day, it is also providing job opportunities to individuals from different works of life.

How MELT is supporting this career field ?

The team of MELT comprises of professionals from different spheres. We have an amalgamation of varied skills and experiences. The multi-dynamic work environment of MELT makes several difficult tasks possible and helps to create products with the best technologies, guidance and support.

We are always looking for young and dynamic talents who are willing to utilize their skills to evolve the complete product development workflow, to know more connect with us directly at .

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