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A fine line of comparison between FDM and SLA printer

The importance of 3D printing is surely increasing with each passing day. Several industries are using various forms of 3D printing. From startups to big and established business brands, a wide range of companies are now utilizing the additive manufacturing technology. There are ample amount of 3D printers in the market but choosing the right […]

3D Printing and Injection Molding : The Comparision

  What do we understand by injection molding? It is a manufacturing process which is often used for making production parts. In this process a molten material is injected into the molds. A vast variety of materials can be used in injection molding like metals (for which the process is called die-casting), glasses, elastomers, confections, […]

Connecting the dots between Prototyping and 3D- printing

What is prototyping ? It is a collective and multilayered process which includes developmental evolution and product fixes(Editing). This process is generally carried out before a product is released into the market.   Types of prototyping: Prototyping can be classified into two sections namely function and form. Form is when you make a prototype to […]