Low-Volume Production made simpler with 3D Printing

A customized product development work for North Bengal Medical college, Siliguri


How it all started ?

North Bengal medical college, Siliguri, is one of the oldest medical colleges of West Bengal. It is a space that builds the career and ignites the minds of the youth who in turn serve for the betterment of the nation. The medical profession is one of the most respected and celebrated professions across the globe. However the process of being a doctor is nothing less than fighting a battle. A battle that involves mental and physical challenges and is involves a lot of responsibility. In order to make the final year students feel more special on the day of their convocation, a Doctor of North Bengal medical college, Siliguri, wanted to add a physical 3D model of caduceus to the certificates of the 2015-2021 batch. This was the main idea which started this dream collaboration.


Caduceus as a symbol in medical science

The caduceus is usually depicted with two snakes and a pair of wings and is often used as a symbol of medicine. There is a rod in this symbol that holds the wings and around which the snake curls up, this is the Rod of Aesculapius (also called Asklepios), the ancient mythical god of medicine and this symbol carries a lot of integrity for all medical practitioners, medical students or aspirants.



In the Making:

The doctor shared his ideas about the design along with two prime requirement:

  • The product design should be exactly as per their shared details.
  • The finished product should have a glossy golden finish.

The products we’re to be finished within a very crisp deadline and our team had to work with the best of their abilities to make sure that each product was finished on time without compromising with the quality.

We needed about 150 caduceus models of 5 inch each. Our design team drafted a design within a day and we shared the same with the client. The feedback of the client was pretty positive and after few iterations the design was fixed and we started on with the production process. Our team utilized the SLA 3D Printing Technology to achieve smooth finish in minimum amount of time, our team worked every minute to get the best results for this project.

(Image- Digitally drafted design )


The machines ran through out the day and after a week we successfully produced 150 models of the caduceus but some finishing touches were yet to be made.


(Image- the 3D printed caduceus model)


After the production of 150 pieces the products were sent to post processing unit  where they were cleaned, sanded and painted to achieve the final glossy metallic gold finish.


(Image- the Final Product)


Our team put every inch of their hard work to finish this project. Our hard work, determination and skills were very much appreciated by the client and they were satisfied with the end results.



(Image- the End use of the Product : The models were added to every certificates)


The team of MELT is elated and honored to be a part of such a project. The smiles on the face of these newly entitled doctors made our time and efforts worthwhile. Our team hopes for the betterment of all these youngsters, we pray for their success and well-being. It was truly amazing to see such pure smiles on their faces after they received their certificates. It full filled our purpose in true sense. We ought to remember that doctors put their everything at stake in order to make our lives better, so we shall strive to make these cape less heroes feel respected.

(Image- Dr. Aninda with the End product after the convocation)



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