How MELT is utilizing 3D Printing to provide aids for the Covid19 warriors

The COVID-19 pandemic is the worst terrifying experience by mankind on earth to date. The virus outbreak has given countless sleepless nights to healthcare workers and medical professionals across the world. But still, if you look at the past, you will see that it is in these crisis periods that technological advancements take place. Governments and hospitals are turning to technology to come up with innovative ways to fight this virus. One such technology is 3D printing. It is like a stopgap solution in this time of shortage of medical equipment. 

In the wake of the outbreak, MELT RAPID LLP has shifted their production to fight against the spread of coronavirus. MELT is a well-known organization for its 3D printing efforts. The company has full-fledgedly started producing emergency PPE in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. They are efficiently utilizing their 3D printing technology to produce face shields, lightweight plastic masks, door openers, etc. Since the pandemic happened, MELT is aiding medical workers, essential workers and individuals by dedicating a large portion of their 3D printing resources. Amidst the shortage of N95 masks, the demand for emergency PPE was huge amongst essential workers and medical professionals. The company shifted its focus onto aiding local as well as large scale relief.

During March 2020, people faced the growing shortage of N95 masks and therefore, they had to look for alternatives. MELT came on the front foot in the coronavirus fight and produced numerous reusable face masks. Thus, they have been successful in creating a safer environment for the medical professionals, essential workers, individuals and common people. 


Not only that, but they are also manufacturing lightweight face shields that can provide an added protection to individuals. The face shields produced by them are reusable, transparent and sanitizable. As of June 2020, MELT has already supplied more than 75000+ face shields and their face shields are hugely being utilized by health workers, private hospitals, delivery people, the police as well as the government workers. In fact, MELT was amongst the first to start the production of face shields to help people in Kolkata, India.

In the same way face shields and masks quickly became a dire medical necessity, the no-touch tools are also becoming the newest edge accessories for COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst the rising demand for no-touch keys, MELT introduced NoTouch key (named it as MyTouch) using which, you can press buttons and unlock doors without touching the objects.

Door handles are no doubt one of the most germ-infested objects in hospitals, factories, public places and houses. Which is why MELT also manufactures hands-free 3D printed door openers to promote a healthier and better lifestyle. These door openers are extremely easy to install and very useful to prevent the virus from spreading.

There is absolutely no doubt that the company has been operating under significant pressure and a quick deadline in order to get their 3D printed emergency PPEs to the market. Their products have been proved to be a safe and reliable alternative and that’s why they are proudly manufacturing these resources in a quick and efficient manner so that it helps the emergency workers to do their jobs safely. 


The advanced 3D prototyping and 3D printing technology had seriously helped them with quick production to meet the demands and send the products to the market. They have been successfully utilizing a versatile technology like 3D printing to make the most resourceful use with larger production at a lower cost. 

MELT is producing these products not just for the healthcare industry, but also for commercial and individual purposes so that the health and safety of every individual can be ensured. So far, they have been receiving very good responses, so much so that they felt the need to donate their face shields to numerous police workers and other essential workers who need to go out amidst the outbreak. 


In addition to that, they are also providing and supporting all kinds of On-Demand requirements that can be developed using the 3D printing technology. MELT is continuing to prove that there are reusable emergency PPE such as masks and face shields, which can be regularly sanitized and disinfected after use without deterring the product’s quality. 


As all of us are adjusting to taking extra precautions to look after the health and well being of our families and colleagues, MELT is stepping up their production, manufacturing and supply of those emergency devices and equipment to keep up with the battle against coronavirus.


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