The Future of 3D Printing Services in Kolkata

3D printing in Kolkata is comparatively at an earlier stage than it is in the other cities of India such as Pune, Delhi, Mumbai or Gujarat. But the future of 3D printing services in Kolkata seems to hold a lot of promise as the current times are continuously giving rise to various new applications of this technology.

Many investors in Kolkata are following a wait and watch policy in the 3D printing business. However, rapid advancements indicate that 3D printing will soon have numerous consumers and will be adopted by many leading industries. Presently, Kolkata is experiencing a number of significant challenges when it comes to 3D printing. But the good news is that Kolkata is expected to overcome at least 55% of these challenges in the next five years. Compared to the past couple of years, 2020 is seeing the 3D printing space to be more open to learning, testing, accepting and hiring as many talents and skills as possible.


3D Printing Startups

3D printing sure has multiple business opportunities in the major cities of India, including Kolkata. Due to this tremendous growth in the market opportunities, India’s 3D printing industry is already dominated by startups to a great extent. The application of this innovative technology permeates many sectors from automotive, education, medical to electronics, architecture, art, fashion, aerospace and defense. 

In India, there are countless startups now exploring different kinds of 3D printing business models. To be more precise, passionate young entrepreneurs from various cities have now started to cover all the major aspects in the 3D printing arena. Kolkata is also not far behind. Startups like MELT have begun to uncover the unimaginable ways that 3D printing can revolutionize Kolkata’s manufacturing industry in the days to come.


3D printing market drivers in Kolkata

The 3D printing industry in Kolkata is a rapidly growing market sector, which is heavily based on startups, manufacturers and hobbyists. Still, Kolkata is now at a nascent stage in terms of 3D printing. There is a gap between prototyping and production. Hence there is a high demand of solutions that can provide companies in verticals like tool development, electronics, home automation, manufacturing, etc.

Presently, there is a significant requirement of 3D printing services in the electronics and automobile industry. Then there is the healthcare industry. As we all know, the coronavirus outbreak has bought great opportunities for 3D printing. Doctors, nurses, healthcare service providers, police officers, emergency workers – everyone in Kolkata have used 3D printed products like face masks, face shields, ventilators, respirators, etc. Kolkata’s 3D printing industry is growing stronger day by day and competing against well-established startup companies from other cities of India.

Kolkata is also experiencing a sudden rise in demand of 3D printing services coming from many artists and hobbyists who want quick and effective products for their projects. In this scenario of Kolkata, companies like MELT have identified the primary demand, which is of proper prototyping and product development. So, they are utilizing this technology to increase productivity and assist people who need such products or services. These circumstances are taking Kolkata into the realm of 3D printing manufacturing, prototyping, product development and production. 


3D Printing challenges in Kolkata

One of the major challenges in Kolkata’s 3D printing industry is a lack of awareness. Not many people know about this new innovative technology. It is the first and foremost challenge to overcome. The only way to overcome this is to educate the entire market about the 3D printing technology, its usage, applications and the various problems it can solve for us. Another noteworthy challenge is service and support. The 3D printing technology is not yet mainstream hence the customers require continuous support and services for their printers and job works. Understanding this issue, MELT with its prime focus in customer experience has been able to provide seamless customer service with high response and quick solutions.

However, looking at the present scenario, we can say that it is just a matter of time before the 3D printing industry in Kolkata overcomes these challenges and enters into the mainstream. MELT’s attitude towards these challenges has always been optimistic. They believe that it is easier to address the challenges by focusing their energy on certain key areas. These key areas include training, hiring, strategy development and monetary investment. Along with that, another important thing to do is change processes and attitudes.



How MELT is addressing the 3D printing challenges



Considering the speed at which 3D printing is growing, it is tough to find the right in-house 3D printing expertise in Kolkata. But MELT has found a way to address this problem – they are drawing their own team members. They are cross-training their existing talents in niches like prototyping, industrial design, low volume production and more. This process of training talents has already helped them get their entire workforce up to the right speed with 3D printing. Moreover, MELT has been successful in identifying the key attributes to promote 3D printing services in a market segment like Kolkata. Their focus is on three things – the speed to conceptualize, the speed to prototype and the speed to produce. It has enabled them to reduce the barriers of getting a product to the market, or simply to test the market. Compared to traditional methods of manufacturing, 3D printing requires much lesser investments in equipment, moulding and tools. MELT utilizes this major advantage of 3D printing technology. 

Along the course of two years, MELT has already established partnerships with some of the leading industries in Kolkata. The company has also managed to contribute to social welfare during the crisis period caused by the pandemic. MELT is leading the 3D printing industry of Kolkata towards big results. They have managed to catch the eyes of local government bodies by manifesting the unimaginable ways 3D printing can serve humankind. MELT believes that innovation with 3D printing will only thrive in Kolkata as the technology continues to become more open. 

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